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Tips and strategies for streamlining chlamydia management into routine care

Chlamydia management shortcuts for your EMR (Best Practice and Medical Director)

The autofill (Best Practice) or management/comment (Medical Director) shortcut function in your medical practice software can be used to quickly insert information about chlamydia management into patient notes during a consult. You can tailor the specific text to your own needs.

Shortcut text

Click here for the shortcut text for use during chlamydia consultations

Click here for the shortcut text for a patient with PID

Click here for the shortcut text for PDPT


Click here for instructions on how to insert autofill in Best Practice software. 

Click here for instructions on how to insert autofill in Medical Director software. 


For participating MoCCA clinics only

Postal retesting for patients diagnosed with chlamydia

As part of the MoCCA study, VCS Pathology are providing postal retest kits for patients diagnosed with chlamydia.

Postal retesting via VCS Pathology as described below can only be used by clinics who are participating in the MoCCA study. 

Click here for more information about the kits, including instructions on how to order a kit for your patients

Click here for a patient information sheet about the postal retest kits


For more general practice resources, including the STI Management Guidelines, click here.

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